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The Last of us

Welcome to Citizen kidz

About Us

Welcome to Citizen kidz

About us
The Last of us

Everyone is an Acheiver

About us

Welcome to Citizen kidz

About us
The Last of us

Citizen kidz Kindergarten

Best Education for Kids Perfectly

About Us

Citizen kidz YeahKids

A perfect learning center for your kids

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Our Way


caring teachers to guide your child. Vision Our Vision is to make children happy and confident and develope a positive attitude about schooling. Academics and skills will be easily acquired by a child who is confident and sociable.
So the primary aim of our institution is to take off the fear and hesitations in schooling practice. Playing is the core by which academics and other skills are introduced to your child. "You Can Discover More About a Person in an Hour of Play than in a Year of Conversation-Plato"


To develop in children the basic skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Reasoning and writing.
To challenge and extend their full potential Intellectually, Artistically and Physically.
To foster Human, Moral and Ethical values along with education.
To promote all round development of a child.
To stimulate love for a life time of learning.
To develop a positive attitude towards self-learning that prepares students for integrated education.
To enhance teaching an learning with the use of information and communication technology.


Our motto is to develop a positive attitude about schooling in a child’s mind and to make them more adaptive, sociable and observing. All the activities are designed to inspire a healthy learning experience.Keep reminded that "what we sow in these early years will be multiplied multifold in coming years"

About us

Citizen kidz play school was started in the year of 2017, with an aim to develop kids into happy and confident students. As every parent knows the transformation of a child into a student is such a tremendous leap. At that tender age the child needs a comforting and assuring hand to hold on, other than the parent. We at citizen kidz provide the assuring hand to your child. we have traditions of teaching expertise and educationally qualified and experienced team to design and execute the curriculum and caring teachers to guide your child..

  • Education games and activities.
  • Teaching kids to express their creativity.
  • We encourage an honest, our culture
  • Gifted & Talented Program

We provides always our best teaching techniques so that your kids learn quickly.


Child development refers to the sequence of physical, language, thought and emotional changes that occur in a child from birth to the beginning of adulthood. During this process a child progresses from dependency on their parents/guardians to increasing independence. Child development is strongly influenced by genetic factors (genes passed on from their parents) and events during prenatal life. It is also influenced by environmental facts and the child’s learning capacity. Child development can be actively enhanced through targeted therapeutic intervention and the ‘just right’ home based practice, recommended by Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists..


This is a great indoor activity for kids of all ages, and is sure to get the creative juices flowing as children invent characters and story lines. Artistic drawing skills can be honed by drawing and coloring characters and scenes. Measuring the strip boxes can also add an educational element to the activity.

"Improv games are effective for teaching initiative and expression," Hawthorne says. "They are physical and can be done indoors or outdoors." She suggests playing the "I am a tree" game: "Someone stands in the middle of the circle and says 'I am a tree,' then a second person jumps in and adds to the scene and says 'I am the picnic lunch under the tree' then a third person joins in and builds on the scene with 'I am a hornet on the lunch.' The first person leaves the circle and picks either the picnic or the hornet to take out of the circle, then the cycle repeats as the scene continues to be constructed and deconstructed." Or have your child pick up a hula hoop and figure out how many things she can act out with it.


Children these days are too engrossed in their computers, video games or phones. They simply do not feel naturally inclined to play active games anymore. However, children should ideally have at least three to four physical play activities per day to help them release their energy, develop and grow better. At first, children will enjoy the company of only their parents and other primary caregivers, but as they begin to grow, they will soon start to enjoy the company of other children their age, giving you the opportunity to make your child more social by going on play dates with others and encourage them to form bonds and make friends.

If your children develop healthy habits that include lots of physical activities at a young age, they are far more likely to carry these habits forward with them for their entire lives. Here are some activities you can do with your children to keep them active, healthy and happy:.


The children of today are gearing up to become adult citizens of tomorrow. The growth is parallel to the future of our country, reflected through quality of the present education system. A school must stimulate curiosity in the young, impressionable minds and equip them with tools to be better human beings. It is widely accepted that the learning process is instrumental in shaping ones personality and the way he/she deals with situations of life. The shift of thoughts from bookish knowledge to knowledge of life, in schools, has brought forth a sea of change.

People have warmed up to the idea of education being the key to a well-rounded development instead of just a mean to acquire degrees and monetary success in life. Education must facilitate the cultivation of a healthy thought process and groom our cognitive abilities. In the present competitive world, education is a basic necessity for human beings after food, clothes and shelter.

School education must focus on the following aspects, which contribute immensely to the development of the young minds as they step into adulthood.