About Us

Hearty Welcome to Citizen kidz play school. Education plays the important role in development of child. Our vision is play and learn. Play is the real life learning in our school. Just think about that you feel great when you play the energy came out, you feel happier and laughter, and your creativity made a magic. Here we have a highly professional teachers to trained our kids. Montessori is the plays the significant role in our kids education and children wants the same thing that we want to be confident to face the world, being bold, being laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained and delighted. In our school play is the way the children learn from about themselves and the world, and they can sort out conflicts, practice language skills and children can learn the montor skills. Our teaching process that's help them to face the world with confident and ready for imagination concentration, self confidence, social skills and everyday challenges. It's a quality CBSC school in Salem, and we also teaching spoken training for hindi and English, and more over in our school the computer education is the very most important to kid to face the today's world. And we must trained our kidz in yoga and meditation in their smaller age. Our children can participate in a variety of experiences in our school they feel enjoyed and cheery in everyday.